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Selzer & Weiss Personal Injury Attorneys have put together a few commonly asked questions to give you a head start when considering your next case.

  1. Wait for emergency responders in a safe location
  2. Call the police and insist that they file a report
  3. Take photographs of the scene and vehicles
  4. Write down contact information for all witnesses
  5. Seek medical treatment immediately
  6. DO NOT speak with any insurance companies before consulting with an attorney
  7. Contact the attorneys at Selzer & Weiss so we may assist you.

You should contact us as soon as possible after you’ve been injured. We are available to assist you during normal business hours by phone, and 24/7 through our website. Any questions submitted through our website after hours will be promptly answered.

Absolutely. Selzer & Weiss works with an extensive network of top South Florida medical providers, and it would be our pleasure to help you get the treatment you need.

We work on contingency. We offer a no-obligation FREE CONSULTATION, and we don’t charge a dime unless we get you a recovery. Our contingency fee agreement is approved by the Florida Bar, and our percentage is typically one-third of the recovery, which is standard for personal injury in Florida.

We are happy to come visit you at home, or wherever is most convenient for you, and arrange transportation for you to your doctor’s office.

This is a difficult question and depends on a number of factors, but you may be entitled to thousands of dollars. You should call the attorneys at Selzer & Weiss for a free consultation so you can discuss the facts of your accident with an attorney. We take pride in our ability to maximize the value of all our clients’ claims.

This depends on a number of factors and is difficult to predict. A typical personal injury claim generally takes 8-12 months to settle if a lawsuit does not need to be filed. If a lawsuit and trial become necessary, it can take anywhere from months to years. This will be discussed in greater detail during your free consultation.